30 Day Startup Accelerator

The First 30 Day Startup Accelerator starts on MAY 15th 2020


Join The Startup Accelerator Now for just $997! (> $5,000 VALUE)

What you’ll have accomplished after completing the startup accelerator:

This Startup Accelerator Is For You IF:

The 30 Day Startup Accelerator is an unprecedented offer at just $997.

In addition to the low price, you will learn how to select the perfect business to start based on YOUR strengths, how to lay the foundations, & get right to work generating revenue (MONEY!)

Meet Your New Mentor, Instructor, and Coach

Derreck Stratton Startup Accelerator Coach

I’m Derreck Stratton, the Founder & CEO of Startup Industries. I’ve spent the better part of two decades starting and growing businesses. Over the last three years I’ve taken everything I have learned and assembled that knowledge into educational courses, training programs, tools, & resources designed to help startups start up. 

Just like any adventure in a new land, a guide will help you avoid mistakes, give advice, and recommendations on which route you should take. The startup process is no different, in-fact, having a guide… or mentor, is one of the best things you can do to ensure your success.

I’m here to do just that, for YOU!

Now let’s go turn that business idea into reality!

Are you ready to startup?
Are you ready to startup?

What’s Included In The

30 Day Startup Accelerator

What’s Included In The
30 Day Startup Accelerator


Every day there will be a 1 hour LIVE training with actionable steps to take you closer to your objective of not only starting your own business, but a business that is generating revenue!

Startup Accelerator Live Daily Training


In addition to the live daily training, there will be a 1 hour LIVE Q & A session to make sure you fully understand everything covered in the training!

Startup Accelerator Live Daily Q&A


In each of the 4 blocks, Entrepreneurial Foundations, Business Foundations, S.A.M. Intensive, & the Cash, Capital, and CAP Table Training we will have guest experts join us for special training!

Startup Accelerator Expert Guest Training


Through the Forum, you will have access to some of the brightest minds in the Startup Space. They are exclusively here to serve as your Mentor & Coach during the accelerator. 

Startup Accelerator Mentorship


Climbing a mountain is tough work and you wouldn’t do it alone. Starting a business can be the same way! Not only will you have the Mentors & Coaches to help you along this journey, but you will have other Startup Founders to connect with and encourage!

Startup Accelerator Support


There’s no such thing as a million dollar idea, just million dollar execution! That’s why it is so important to take action EVERY SINGLE DAY! Having accountability, someone making sure you are moving forward, it greatly increases your chance of success! 

Startup Accelerator Accountability

Startup Accelerator Course Sessions

Startup Inner Circle Accelerator Courses

7 Days of Entrepreneurial Foundations ($1400)

During the Entrepreneurial Foundations block we will cover why NOW is a great time to start a business, what it means to be an entrepreneur and the mindset required, we will discuss and identify the Top 10 ways to succeed as a Startup, how to choose the perfect business based on your strengths, and then we will make sure the market will buy your product or service! 

Startup Accelerator Business Foundations

7 Days of Business Foundations ($1400)

In the Business Foundations block we will learn how to build a Business Roadmap and why it is superior to a Business Plan. We will pick your companies branding, establishing your ethos, define and refine your elevator pitch as well as your response to “What Do You Do?”. We end this block by diving into the technical and we learn about legal structure, patents, trademarks, copyrights, taxes, & insurance.

7 Day S.A.M. Intensive ($1400)

S.A.M. stands for Sales, Advertising, & Marketing. This is one of the crucial keys to generating revenue that most founders tend to overlook! During this block we create & define your strategy for each of the “Big Three” in SAM. We also learn about creating your online presence, setting up your first website, social media in 2020, digital advertising, and how to get customers into your sales funnel!  

7 Day Cash, Capital, & CAP Tables Training ($1400)

Cash is king… and that is why the S.A.M. Intensive is so important! It’s how you generate revenue! In this block we walk you through setting up business accounts, how to accept payments, Accounting 101, Unit Economics, Business Financials, ways to fund your Startup, and the Investor Documents you will need to get funding! 

2 Day Scaling and Growth Workshop ($400)

The last two days of our Accelerator will be spent learning about why you need to work on your business and not in your business. After we teach you why, we will teach you how! We cover Systems & Processes, building your team, & Startup Tools to help ensure your success beyond the 30 Day Startup Accelerator. After that, you can also join the Startup Inner Circle for additional startup coaching!

64 Hours of LIVE Training!
Total Value > $5,000


If you want to turn your business idea into a business reality, then this is the challenge we have for you…

putting off your dream!

building someone else's dream!

building the business you have always dreamt about!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m a big believer in overdelivering in every interaction we have together… I want that to start RIGHT NOW for you! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, scouts honor.

…and we’ll still part as friends. Is that cool?

So you don’t even have to decide right now. Get access to the training, download the templates, implement the system, build your audience, because you have a full 30 days to try it out risk free. However, this course is filling up fast, so join today!

Frequently Asked Questions

about the 30 Day Startup Accelerator

The 30 Day Startup Accelerator is for businesses still in the early stages of growth & development! After completing the accelerator, if you followed the training and took action every day, you can have a company generating revenue!

The training will be on a rotating schedule to help accommodate everyone within the accelerator! However, if you miss one, they are recorded and available to watch within the platform. So don’t worry if you can’t make every live session.

Yup. Every single day! 64 total hours of training for just $97. That $1.50 an hour. WOW! In addition to the low cost live training, you will have access to our forums to discuss topics in further detail with other entrepreneurs and our experts.

They absolutely are! What better way to connect with you than LIVE, in real time! Our objective is for you to understand the content being presented and for you to TAKE ACTION! By doing this LIVE, we can make sure everything is crystal clear!

No sweat! All of the trainings and Q & A Sessions are going to be recorded and will be available to watch within the platform. During signup you’ll set your login information & gain access to the Startup Accelerator Dashboard!

Absolutely! This is 2020, online is a GREAT place to make money! There will be several examples of online businesses you can successfully & profitably start!

There won’t be in-depth training about how to start these specific businesses during the Accelerator, but we have resources available for you that will! 

Absolutely! There will be several examples of businesses you can successfully & profitably run from home!

There won’t be in-depth training about how to start these specific businesses during the Accelerator, but we have resources available for you that will! 

Yes it will! Day 5 is all about coming up with the perfect business for you! Finding the perfect Business/Founder Fit is VERY important to Startup success, so we will spend a lot of time on this very subject!

We prefer to call it a Business Roadmap, and it’s fluid, it changes, it’s so much better than a Business Plan! We cover all of this in Day 8!

But to answer your question, YES you will!

Do you mean like S-Corp vs C-Corp vs LLC?
Do you mean like B2B vs B2C?
Do you mean like Physical Retail vs Drop-Shipping vs Product Based vs Service Based?

The answer is YES, YES, YES, & YES!